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This Digital actuality sexual intercourse equipment utilizes Plug and Participate in know-how, which makes it consumer-helpful even for beginner Pc buyers. The Sex Stroker masturbator is seven inches lengthy x 2.seventy five inches extensive and made of a everyday living-like practical pores and skin compound called Cyberskin. The sexual intercourse machine contains the 3D Interactive Activity Software program, USB relationship cable, match 야짤 Guidelines, and knowledge to down load additional video games.

The technique specifications to the Digital Intercourse Storker intercourse machine are: Windows ninety eight/ME/XP or Windows2000, Directx 8.0 or better (incorporated on disk), Macromedia Flash Player (involved on disk), Pentium II, 333 mhz or quicker, 68 MB Ram or maybe more, one free of charge USB port, and a minimum of 70MB of free challenging disk Room.