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At the time a man has reached the point in his sexual growth the place he starts to recognize that just “finding off” isn’t gratifying him or his companion, he craves for more. Which is a purely natural drive. As well as in his coronary heart he understands You can find extra, but frequently doesn’t learn how to achieve these higher pleasures. Tantra teaches us that for a man to attain the best Ecstasy possible for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/?search=야짤 사이트 himself and his lover, he initial must study ejaculation control and to immediate his sexual energy up his spine to the higher facilities of his Mind. In Tantra this sexual Power is called “kundalini” energy.

Any time a male masters the chance to transfer his Kundalini energy up along his spine, he increases the pleasure for himself and his lover to levels that he may well by no means have dreamt of. As a person learns to master the movement his Sexual Power within his entire body, he should be able to Management his ejaculation. At this stage He's absolutely free to create love “with out” emotion the force to ejaculate.

A person’s sensitivity and consciousness is profoundly heightened on the delicate and refined pleasures of lovemaking. He methods into an expanded state of consciousness, which will allow him to realize “many” and “whole-physique orgasms”. The key benefits of “whole-body” orgasm are numerous. Entire-human body orgasm frees him from worry and tensions, heals his prostate gland, opens his coronary heart and connects him further to his lover 야짤 and himself. It also facilitates The person in dealing with several orgasms. By “several” is never to imply “several ejaculations”, but alternatively that once a man learns to maneuver his Kundalini Power by way of his entire body he may have orgasms rather than ejaculate. This is named a “dry orgasm” or none-ejaculatory orgasm.


Gentlemen have a huge capacity for enjoyment and orgasm that is certainly practically untouched for most Guys. As a person masters tantric exercise and better energy motion, he begins to check out his Lingam (penis) as an instrument of the further appreciate connection with the woman. This further relationship facilitates relocating the lady to the very best states of Ecstasy and orgasmic enjoyment that she will achieve. Permitting The person and lady to continue to make greater levels of ecstasy jointly.